Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tearable Puns and Bad Advice

Kay-T and I ventured out again yesterday, and had a blast hiding bad advice life hacks in plain sight and posting tearable puns up around town.

The goal with the Bad Advice was to blend in. We're not sure how long they will last or even how many people will see them, as people don't often pay too much attention to alarm stickers.

A friend on FB posted a photo of Tearable Puns and I felt compelled to copy the idea. I used some of the puns I saw on the original post, and added a few extra of my own. My favorite one? Well I'm glad you asked. "When the cannibal came late to dinner, they gave her the cold shoulder." 

Kay-T being mysterious.

At the Farmer's Market

We traipsed around town posting like crazy. One crotchety lady read a Life Hack and didn't think it was very funny. That made us sad, because they really are funny. It kinda took the wind out of our sails for a bit, so we had lunch at the Sardine Can. 

Then there was MUCH joy when we saw that people had actually tore off some of the Tearable Puns! 

And for your reading pleasure, here are the templates that you can print out and post around YOUR town! Spread the joy!  

Update: I can't quite get Google Docs to show all the formatting, so uhm.... Sorry.  :( I'll try again from another computer in a couple days. Here are a few examples to sate your curiosity.

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