Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guerrilla Art


So my friend Jenny and I got together to make something to beautify the waterfront. We gathered some scrap material and made a decorative sleeve for the railing - just over 75 feet's worth. We made them Thursday and Friday, and got up super early this morning to go install them. While we were tying on the sleeves, an old man asked what the occasion was. I told him there was no occasion, it was just for fun. He paused and said, "People are going to be mighty confused." 

Jenny and I laughed and I said, "That's kind of the idea."



This afternoon Matt and I went to go take pictures. When we pulled up people were actually looking and touching the sleeves. It was so exciting to see people being intrigued by it, regardless of what they actually thought about it.

Even better, Jenny had texted me earlier to let me know someone had tagged our work with an attached photo. But my phone is so crappy I couldn't make out what the graffiti said, other than the words 'neat' and 'mother'. My feelings were a teensy bit hurt at the idea of anyone writing motherfucker in response to our well meant and whimsical project. I almost busted a gut laughing when I saw what was written.

In case you can't read that, it says, "You think this is neat? It's mothers graffiti!!!!!"

I think the writer was calling us old.

More guerrilla art installations are in the works. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Our installation didn't survive 24 hours. I went by this morning (Sunday) at 8:00 to show a friend and it had all been taken down. All the remains is the actual graffiti on the railing, which now doesn't make any sense.

Oh well. Some friends are coming over for a guerrilla art BBQ this afternoon, so our second project will soon rear its beautiful head.

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