Saturday, May 1, 2010

Number Two

We've been working on Project Number Two all week, which consisted of gluing many hundreds of magnets onto whatever we could. Mostly that turned out to be cut up wine corks, beer bottle caps, and flattened glass beads, the kind usually used in flower vases.

Of course wine is vital for any G.A.G. project. I got the beads from Freecycle, two gallon sized ziplocs worth, and we only had to pay for the magnets and glue. We spent less than $20 on materials.

Katie picked out a pink floral flannel bandanna to hide her secret identity as we placed magnets all over the lamp posts along the waterfront.

Jen opted for a more pastoral kerchief.

Installing our public art on public art!

Some passersby inquire about our activities.

We not only decorated the lamp posts, but whatever we could.

Someone walking by checking out our handiwork.

We covered about 2000 feet of waterfront.

One of the most exciting aspects of this project was the idea that people could move the magnets around and even take them home if they wanted. Jen went back to the waterfront midmorning and reported that many magnets had been repositioned. When Katie and I went back in the late afternoon to find that easily two-thirds of the magnets were gone. After what happened with the railing sleeve, I think someone was grabbing them by the handful and tossing them into the ocean. Katie is more optimistic and thinks that lots of people came by and got greedy for bottle cap and glass bead magnets and took them home by the handful.

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  1. I think they have been taken in to be home-decor! On to the next ladies!