Saturday, September 14, 2013

After long silence...

Our mission? 

To post as many of these as we could (before getting bored, running out of posters, or in this case, growing too hungry) around downtown Vallejo:

Here is the oh-so-mysterious  Kay-T helping with the prep work.

Everyone's fingers got sore from cutting except for Kay-T, who was a trooper and kept on keepin' on.

See? An aura of mystery envelopes her like the arms of a lover, wherever she goes. 

Almost immediately after leaving the waterfront, two women exclaimed over the poster Kay-T had just taped up, "This is so neat, thank you!" 

Very gratifying for us both. 

A woman watched me work on this building as she was getting her baby out of the car and into a stroller. She told me that after watching me her curiosity was stirred. When she read the poster, she said, "Oh. Now I have to choose one." 

Later, we saw that she had selected the word Love. 

A man walked by us several times during our escapades. He said that the loved the project, that it was cool, and also that he was an artist who lived in the building we had just covered in posters. 

Also gratifying, as he wasn't upset AND he enjoyed our work. 

A long vacant building.
And my killer cruiser.

The best part of the whole project? Heading back to home base and seeing that people had indeed, been taking emotions. It was very interesting to see which had been taken, to wonder wether they were needed or destroyed, and why. 

We already have the next project planned, so stay tuned. 

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