Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hole in the wall.

Well over six months ago, somebody went straight ahead at a T-juncture and plowed into a wall. Naked and twisted rebar hung a hole about six feet tall by eight feet wide. I drive by this eyesore twice a day to and from work and I've been thinking how ugly it is. I thought about trying to weave some strips of material through it but wasn't thrilled with the idea. I kept it on the back burner until I came across a freecycle ad for free wire hangers.

I used the hangers, some pliers, and lots of rough language to make flower frames.

Then I cut up rectangles of fabric that I got from the free section on Craigslist and tied them onto the frames.

I used some strips of fabric all balled up to make the reproductive center of the flower. And Wyatt was helping.

I made two but it was a few days before I had time to install them.

And here they are.

I thought they looked too few, so I went home and made two more of different fabrics, but then it started raining. I waited for a break in the the weather. When I got back down there, there had just been a car accident and I didn't think it would be smart to install public art when there was fairly good chance the police would be arriving momentarily. I'll just have to try another day.

Update: I ended up installing five flowers but never got a good picture of them. I greatly enjoyed driving past it every day for several months before the hole was repaired. 

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